Højskolen for Bevidsthedsudvikling Rørvig Folkehøjskole

Dybesøvej 114 4581 Rørvig
+45 59919293

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  • Maharishi Vedic Science – Gaining understanding of the full range of consciousness
  • Nordic Mythology – The Ancient Nordic teachings on Consciousness
  • How to ride the Tiger – Tools to handle stress effectively
  • Wisdom of life from ancient cultures – A universal experience throughout the ages
  • The most recent research into consciousness – The modern picture of the universe
  • Ayurveda – The world’s most ancient and most holistic health care system upgraded to its unique level by the contemporary Vedic seer Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
  • Ayurvedic Cooking – when the art of cooking merges with the science of life supporting nutrition
  • The Creative Process – seen from the inside of the artist
  • The two Doors of Knowledge – Philosophy of life and direct experience of the unbounded.
  • The original and most Ancient Method for Planning a good Life – introduction to vedic astrology
  • Retreat and Action – And you will get the opportunity to dive deep within your inner force of creative silence.
  • Yogic Flying – Historic records and most recent experiences
  • The Divine Experiment – Nordic cultural roots
  • Transcendental Meditation – And close contact with the creative dynamics of the human consciousness
  • Yoga, sport and daily exercise – and in addition the most fresh air from woodland and beach


17.01. – 14.05. 2016
19.06. – 24.09 2016
25.09. – 18.12. 2016

Double room 1.100 DKK per week
Single room 1.500,- DKK per week
-The tuition fee covers all teaching, basic materials, accommodation and meals.